Caulking Gun model by Utill brand, Turkey Caulking Gun Manufacturer

What is a Silicone Gun? How to use?

Caulking Gun (Silicone gun) is a tool used for the application of dense liquid chemicals such as joint sealants, liquid silicones, adhesives. It allows the chemical material, usually placed in a plastic tube, to be transferred to the application area in a controlled manner.

Silicone and similar filling/gluing chemicals are supplied in standard packagings in such a way that they are pushed from the back of the plastic tube and discharged by means of a fine tip. A caulking gun is a hand tool that facilitates the pushing of such chemicals.

A caulking gun technically works by pushing a pusher rod forwards with the trigger and controlling the pressure plates to prevent the rod from coming back with pressure. When the trigger is pulled, the pusher plates move the steel rod forwards and push the pusher in the plastic tube forwards, allowing the relevant liquid to exit in a controlled manner. When the trigger is released, the braking plate prevents the bar from coming back with the liquid pressure in the tube and ensures that the tightening process can be continued uninterrupted. It is very important to choose a caulking gun suitable for the nature of the construction chemical to be used.

Where Are Silicone Guns Used?

Caulking guns are a practical tool for construction and repair applications. For example, when repairing furniture, it ensures that the appropriate amount of adhesive is transferred, joint fillers, frame insulation materials are applied in a controlled and smooth manner. A caulking gun can also be used for DIY projects at home or for the use of appropriate materials where insulation and filling is required. For example, a caulking gun can be used to prevent water ingress through the window frame and sill gap, to remove the broken glass from the frame and to apply silicone instead of glass putty when the new one is installed, and for repairs that will prevent water leakage between the countertop or sink in bathrooms and kitchens.

Caulking guns are very easy to use and can usually be learnt in a few minutes. However, when using the gun for the first time, it can be difficult to predict how much pressure the material will come out under. Therefore, when using a silicone gun or a new tube of chemical for the first time, it is important to experiment first to determine the output control. In addition, cutting the conical outlet tip that comes with silicone tubes to the required size and angle is another factor that facilitates the application. It is recommended to take care to cut the conical tip at the appropriate angle and thickness according to the area to be applied.

Caulking guns are a useful tool for various purposes and are very easy to use. Contact us to get the most suitable and most useful caulking gun models for you. Enjoy doing many things such as projects, repairs and fillings with UTTIL quality and ease.