VMUK05-AN 40% Wood, 60% PP 18 mm Screw-Lock Aluminium Utility Knife

Introducing VMUK05-AN: UTTIL's Most Stylish Sustainability Product

Explore the fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and environmental consciousness with UTTIL's VMUK05-AN, a distinguished member of the Aura Natura series. It is designed for the eco-aware professional and the discerning DIY aficionado; the VMUK05-AN utility knife underscores UTTIL's relentless pursuit of sustainable innovation without sacrificing the precision required by users across various industries.


A New Era of Eco-Friendly Excellence

The VMUK05-AN sets a new benchmark for the utility knife sector, boasting an aluminium body for unparalleled robustness paired with plastic components that testify to UTTIL's green initiative. These components comprise a pioneering composite of 40% wood fibres and 60% polypropylene (PP), drastically curtailing the environmental toll by optimizing renewable resources and curtailing our reliance on petroleum-based plastics.


Engineered for Superior Performance and Comfort

The VMUK05-AN champions sustainability and is a paragon of utility and comfort. Its aluminium construction renders it remarkably enduring and guarantees precision and ease in every task. Adding wood fibres to the plastic accessories underscores our commitment to the planet and enhances grip and user experience, ensuring meticulous control and reduced fatigue during prolonged tasks.


Choose With Purpose

The VMUK05-AN is more than a utility knife; it's an invitation to join UTTIL in making responsible choices that benefit our planet. As part of the Aura Natura collection, it exemplifies how sustainability and functionality coexist, providing users with a tool that meets their needs and aligns with their values.


UTTIL Aura Natura VMUK05-AN: Precision Engineered, Planet Approved

With the VMUK05-AN, UTTIL reaffirms its vision for a future where tool quality and environmental integrity are paramount. This utility knife is a tangible reflection of our promise to innovate responsibly, providing an indispensable tool for today's tasks and a stepping stone towards a more sustainable tomorrow.


VMUK05-AN: Where Functionality and Elegance Meet Sustainability.

Black CoatedBlack Coated
18mm Snap-Off18mm Snap-Off
40% Wood + 60% PP40% Wood + 60% PP