Uttil NMUK09IS Now In Koctas Stores

Uttil NMUK09 Is Now In Koctas Stores

KOÇTAŞ is rapidly expanding its product range in the KOÇTAŞ+Plus brand positioned in the upper-quality segment. KOÇTAŞ preferred NMUK09 18 mm Utility Knife developed for UTTIL as a quality-performance product in the utility knife segment.

KOÇTAŞ offers this new product to its customers in blue, one of the brand colours, represented with the TPE non-slip jacket. The product, which is packaged in blister packaging, has a grey strong anti-shock (HIPS) body, black electrostatic powder-coated blade slider, two 18 mm high carbon steel blades, one in a spare slot and one attached to the blade slider.

The KOÇTAŞ+Plus version of the UTTIL NMUK09 model is available in all KOÇTAŞ market chains and KOÇTAŞ-Fix stores, as well as in KOÇTAŞ's online store with a launch price.