9 mm Aluminum Body Auto Lock Utility Knife


UTTIL NMUK07: Unleash Precision Like Never Before



We introduce the UTTIL NMUK07, a durable 9mm snap-off utility knife with precision and ergonomic design. NMUK07 is crafted explicitly for light and medium-duty tasks; this utility knife is perfect for activities that require exact cuts. With its aluminium alloy body, the NMUK07 provides a comfortable grip and effortless cutting experience, making it an ideal desktop companion.


Target Audience

This knife is designed for versatile and precise use by office professionals and DIY enthusiasts and is also semi-ambidextrous for left-handed users.


Key Features

With a Blade: The tool features a standard 9 mm snap-off blade, ideal for precise cuts. The mechanism and blade slider are also compatible with 30-degree blades.

For Both Hands: The cutting-edge direction of the blade attached to the body can be preferred for right-handed or left-handed operation during loading into the mechanism. In this way, the utility knife becomes suitable for both hands.

Aluminium Body: The material is made of the same aluminium alloy used in all our models, providing an enhanced grip and a longer lifespan.

Mechanism: Equipped with an auto-lock mechanism that securely locks the blade into place during use and supports to switch the cutting-edge side of the edge.

By Coating: Enhanced by an electrostatic painted steel blade slide and body for smoother operation and added durability.

On the Back: Includes a back cover for easy blade segment breaking and also acts as a pocket clip.


Customer Reviews

Many customers have praised the NMUK07 for its durable aluminium alloy body, which is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. Its lightweight of 40g makes it perfect for cutting thin materials like onionskin paper without requiring too much effort. This product receives high ratings for its overall value, functionality, and user-friendliness.


Quality Assurance

Our NMUK07 utility knife model, like all UTTIL models, is made from high-quality RoHS-compliant aluminium alloy. It is 100% recyclable while meeting industry standards for durability and performance.



Like all UTTIL products, the NMUK07 has a standard warranty against manufacturing defects, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.



For care and maintenance, follow the same guidelines as our other models to ensure longevity and optimal performance.



Our NMUK07 is an OEM product obtained through wholesalers, distributors, and construction markets in Turkey and Europe. Keep an eye out for the retail launch of our UTTIL brand.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Suppose you're looking for a utility knife that combines precision and durability. In that case, the NMUK07 is the perfect choice for personal and professional use.


Product Dimensions

Weight: 40g

Length: 157mm

Width: 138mm

Thickness: 10mm


Precision in Your Hands, Versatility at Your Fingertips.

Plastic Pocket ClipPlastic Pocket Clip
Stainless Steel SliderStainless Steel Slider
9 mm CK75 Snap-Off Blade9 mm CK75 Snap-Off Blade
Suitable for 30º BladesSuitable for 30º Blades
Switchable Blade SideSwitchable Blade Side
42 gm42 gm
Auto LockAuto Lock
0.4 mm, Double Angle Edge0.4 mm, Double Angle Edge
Aluminum BodyAluminum Body
Plastic MechanismPlastic Mechanism