Occupational Safety and Utility Blades

Occupational Safety and Utility Blades

Occupational safety measures at the workplace are taken in accordance with the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation. This regulation specifies the measures to be taken to ensure that employees are physically and psychologically safe in the workplace.

Utility knives are cutting tools used to cut various materials and can cause serious injury if not used correctly. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow occupational safety rules when working with utility knives. Some of the work safety rules are as follows:

  1.  Before using the utility knife, make sure that the material to be cut is held correctly. If the material is stabilised, the cutting process will be safer and more controllable.
  2.  Use the utility knife only for cutting. Using the blade as a screwdriver or for any other purpose may cause injury.
  3.  Always push the blade away from you, not towards you, or do not position your body in the direction of the cut. Keep the blade away from your face when cutting. If the blade moves in the wrong direction, serious injury can occur.
  4. Always keep the utility knife sharp. Dull blades can slip during the cutting process and cause loss of control.
  5.  When cutting, do not force the blade; if necessary, cut gradually, passing more than once in the same place. If the material is forced, the blade may slip and cause serious injury.
  6. Before using utility knives, clean your hands and the blade and make sure they are dry. Slippery hands can make it difficult to control the blade.
  7. Before using the knife, make sure that no one is in the cutting line.
  8.  When breaking snap-off blades, wear safety goggles if possible to avoid splashing steel fragments or do not look at the blade when breaking. Wear cut-resistant safety gloves for heavy cuttings.
  9. Make sure that the blades are closed when putting the utility knives away in a tool bag, drawer or on a workbench hanger after use. Utility knives with open blades can cause accidents. Do not put a utility knife in your pocket or attach it to your tool belt when the blade is open.

The application of these rules ensures the safe use of utility knives and reduces the risk of injury at work.

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