NMUK03-AN 40% Wood, 60% PP 18 mm Utility Knife

Embrace Nature with Every Cut: Introducing the NMUK03-AN from UTTIL's Aura Natura Line

At the heart of UTTIL's commitment to blending functionality with sustainability, the NMUK03-AN emerges as a reapproached model in our pioneering Aura Natura line. It is crafted for the eco-conscious professional and the discerning DIY enthusiast alike; this tool marks a significant step towards a greener planet and redefines what you expect from a utility knife.


Unparalleled Sustainability

The NMUK03-AN is a testament to UTTIL's innovative approach to environmental responsibility. We've created a utility knife that significantly reduces reliance on oil-based plastics by integrating a composite material of 40% wood fibres and 60% recycled polypropylene (PP). This selection honours what is left over from the wood industry and turns potential waste into a critical component of your following hand tool.


Designed for Durability and Efficiency

Beyond its sustainable build, the NMUK03-AN does not compromise on performance. The unique blend of wood fibres and PP ensures the knife is durable and maintains a comfortable, natural grip that enhances precision and control. The strength of this composite material meets the rigorous demands of cutting tasks in various environments, from construction sites to home projects.


UTTIL's Aura Natura: Crafted for the Future

The NMUK03-AN embodies UTTIL's vision for a sustainable future, merging the practicality of modern hand tools with the environmental ethos of the Aura Natura line. By choosing the NMUK03-AN, you're not just selecting a utility knife; you're making a statement about the importance of sustainability in every aspect of your work.

Black Coated or GalvanisedBlack Coated or Galvanised
18 mm Snap-Off18 mm Snap-Off
40% Wood + 60% PP40% Wood + 60% PP