VMUK03-AN 40% Wood, 60% PP 18 mm Screw-Lock Utility Knife

Discover the Precision of Sustainability: The VMUK03W from UTTIL's Aura Natura Collection

Introducing the VMUK03-AN, a cornerstone of UTTIL's Aura Natura collection, designed for those who seek precision in their work and a commitment to sustainability in their tools. This model marries the trusted functionality of UTTIL's utility knives with groundbreaking eco-friendly materials, setting a new standard for the conscientious professional and the environmentally aware DIY enthusiast alike.


A Commitment to Eco-Friendly Innovation

At the heart of the VMUK03-AN lies our dedication to reducing environmental impact through innovative material use. The VMUK03-AN features a unique composite material, blending 40% wood fibres with 60% polypropylene (PP), thereby championing sustainable resources and minimizing our reliance on oil-based plastics.


Designed for Excellence

The VMUK03-AN doesn't just stand out for its eco-conscious composition; it excels in performance and usability. The ergonomic design and balanced weight distribution ensure a comfortable grip and precise control, making it an indispensable tool for many applications. From detailed construction work to general household tasks, the VMUK03-AN delivers unmatched precision.


Elevate Your Toolkit with Sustainable Choices

The VMUK03-AN is available now as part of the Aura Natura collection, embodying UTTIL's vision of a greener future through sustainable tool production. By choosing the VMUK03-AN, you align yourself with a movement towards environmental responsibility without compromising the quality and precision required for your projects.


UTTIL Aura Natura VMUK03-AN: Precision Crafted, Planet Considered

The VMUK03-AN is more than just a utility knife; it's a testament to UTTIL's commitment to sustainability and innovation. With every cut, the VMUK03-AN reinforces the choice of eco-friendly tools, proving that high performance and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand.


Embrace the Change, Choose VMUK03-AN: Where Every Cut Counts Towards a Greener Tomorrow.

Screw-Lock MechanismScrew-Lock Mechanism
Black Coated or GalvanizedBlack Coated or Galvanized
18mm Snap-Off18mm Snap-Off
40% Wood + 60% PP40% Wood + 60% PP