Aluminum Body 18 mm Utility Knife


UTTIL VMUK04: Precision in Every Cut, Strength in Every Grip



The UTTIL VMUK04 is your go-to utility knife for jobs demanding durability and precise cutting depth adjustment. The VMUK04 is crafted with an aluminium alloy body and a screw-lock mechanism; this heavy-duty tool is designed for a wide range of professional applications, including specialised tasks like roof or wall insulation and floor covering.


Target Audience

Designed for the heavy-duty class of users, the VMUK04 caters to construction professionals, carpenters, and repair shops. Its robust build ensures longevity, particularly in high-impact environments like construction sites.


Key Features

Aluminium Alloy Body: The corrosion-resistant body, which provides unmatched strength and durability, is manufactured with a special aluminium alloy used in car engine blocks.

Screw-lock Mechanism: Precise depth of cut adjustment is significant for multi-layer jobs such as insulation and flooring. This allows the depth of cut to be adjusted to prevent unintentional cutting of the substrate.

Eco-friendly: The VMUK04 meets RoHS standards and is 100% recyclable, aligning with sustainability goals.

General Use: The VMUK04 is versatile enough to cut a wide range of materials, making it easy to switch between tasks.


Customer Reviews

The VMUK04 continues to receive positive feedback for its robust construction and precise cutting mechanism. Our users often emphasise how the utility knife's weight helps achieve more controlled cuts, especially when wearing gloves.


Quality Assurance

Like all UTTIL products, the VMUK04 utility knife is subjected to rigorous quality testing to meet or exceed industry expectations. The VMUK04 aluminium alloy stands out with its high tensile and impact strength, ensuring it will last in your toolbox for many years.



Every VMUK04 purchase comes with a standard warranty against manufacturing and quality control defects, giving you even more peace of mind.



For maximum safety, always retract the cutting blade after use and secure it firmly using the screw-locking mechanism.


The VMUK04 is available as an OEM product via wholesalers, distributors, and construction markets in Turkey and Europe. Stay tuned for the retail launch of our UTTIL brand.


Feel free to contact us for any further inquiries or to place an order.


With its durability and precision, the VMUK04 utility knife exemplifies UTTIL's commitment to high-quality, functional tools. Whether in construction, carpentry, or any other heavy-duty industry, this is the utility knife you'll want in your toolkit.

Product Dimensions

Weight: 93g

Length: 155mm

Width: 30mm

Thickness: 15mm


VMUK04: Precision and Durability, In One Tool.

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