Aluminum Light Body 18 mm Utility Knife


UTTIL NMUK05: Unparalleled Convenience Meets Robust Performance



Introducing the UTTIL NMUK05, a utility knife designed for modern-day demands. Crafted to serve both medium and heavy-duty applications, the NMUK05 embodies an ergonomic, industrial design with an innovative combination of a lightweight aluminium alloy body and a plastic insert. It is ideal for various tasks and is the perfect combination of durability, precision and economical solution.


Target Audience

The NMUK05 utility knife appeals mainly to construction professionals, carpenters, and repair shops. Its economic pricing and heavy-duty capabilities make it a top choice for those seeking efficiency without compromising quality.


Key Features

Auto-Lock Mechanism: Offers straightforward and reliable blade control.

Lightweight Design: Reduces muscle fatigue, particularly during repetitive tasks.

Enhanced Grip: A textured plastic insert ensures the knife stays put, even during demanding tasks.

Economic Choice: Priced lower than other heavy-duty counterparts without sacrificing durability.

Eco-Friendly: Compliant with RoHS standards, ensuring environmental responsibility.


Customer Reviews

Our NMUK05 model is currently our best-selling product. It is praised for its combination of a lightweight, aluminium alloy body and textured plastic back insert. Users find it particularly useful for long-duration tasks as it minimises hand fatigue.

Quality Assurance

Every NMUK05 utility knife undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards for durability and performance. We guarantee you're getting a product built to last.



Like all UTTIL models, the NMUK05 comes with a standard warranty against manufacturing defects. Rest assured, you're covered.



· Keep the plastic components away from solvent chemicals to maintain the knife's integrity.

· We recommend using a hand tool like pliers to snap the dull blade segment for your safety, as the model lacks an auxiliary notch.



The NMUK05 is readily available as an OEM product through our network of retailers and online platforms in Turkey and Europe. Due to its popularity, we advise checking availability in advance. Stay tuned for the retail launch of our UTTIL brand.

Feel free to contact us for any further inquiries or to place an order.


The UTTIL NMUK05 is a testament to balancing cost efficiency and performance. Its thoughtful design caters to the real-world needs of professionals who require a durable, reliable, and economical cutting tool.

Choose the UTTIL NMUK05 for your next project and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Product Dimensions

Weight: 63g

Length: 157 mm

Width: 27 mm

Thickness: 13 mm

Light on Weight, Heavy on Performance.

Steel SliderSteel Slider
18 mm SK5 Snap-Off Blade18 mm SK5 Snap-Off Blade
63 gm63 gm
Auto LockAuto Lock
0.5 mm, Double Angle Edge0.5 mm, Double Angle Edge
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