PRUK06-AN Automatic Retractable Compostable PLA Safety Knife

Revolutionizing Green Tools: The PRUK06-AN from UTTIL's Aura Natura Series

UTTIL is excited to present the PRUK06-AN, a standout addition to our Aura Natura series, designed with the eco-aware professional in mind. This model embodies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable tool production while ensuring every cut is precise, safe, and environmentally responsible. UTTIL integrates a specially developed PLA formulation into PRUK06-AN that reinforces its commitment to innovative, green solutions in the hand tool market.


Pioneering Sustainability with Advanced Materials

The PRUK06-AN is crafted from a unique blend of PLA, enhanced with natural additives to ensure robustness for professional use without hindering its biodegradable properties. This unique PLA formulation represents a significant step forward in creating tools that are effective in their application and contribute positively to the environmental cycle.


Key Innovations for Optimal Performance

Specially Formulated PLA: Tailored for strength and durability, this PLA does not compromise the composting process, thanks to its natural additives.

Auto-Retract Mechanism: This product has an automatic retraction mechanism integrated in the blade slide made of 100% recyclable Polyamide (PA).  It ensures user safety by automatically retracting the blade when not in use, perfect for high-paced work environments.

Eco-Conscious Engineering: The PRUK06-AN underscores UTTIL's mission to blend ecological responsibility with superior tool design, utilizing fully recyclable materials that pave the way for a greener future.


Embracing UTTIL's Eco-Friendly Vision

The PRUK06-AN meets the rigorous demands of modern professionals and aligns with the values of environmentally conscious users. It is a testament to UTTIL's vision of creating high-quality, sustainable tools that reduce the environmental footprint without compromising performance or safety.


A Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Opting for the PRUK06-AN is a choice to support sustainable manufacturing practices while benefiting from a tool that delivers reliability, safety, and precision. It invites professionals and enthusiasts alike to join UTTIL and make a tangible impact on preserving our planet for future generations.


PRUK06-AN: Precision in Every Cut, Responsibility to Every Generation.

Suitable For Trapezoidal BladeSuitable For Trapezoidal Blade
Suitable for Hook BladeSuitable for Hook Blade
Auto-Retract MechanismAuto-Retract Mechanism