PAUK06-AN 3-Level Locking Compostable PLA Utility Knife

True Eco-Friendly Tool: The PAUK06-AN from UTTIL's Aura Natura Line

Introducing PAUK06-AN, a ground-breaking addition to our Aura Natura collection. Designed for eco-conscious professionals who demand both durability and sustainability, this innovative utility knife features a specially developed PLA (Polylactic Acid) formulation, ensuring it is robust and capable of handling the rigours of professional use while remaining true to UTTIL's eco-friendly values.


A New Standard in Sustainable Design

The PAUK06-AN features a body crafted from a unique PLA blend enriched with natural additives to bolster its strength and functionality. This carefully formulated PLA ensures the knife can withstand intensive tasks without compromising its compostability. By enhancing the material's durability while maintaining its biodegradable qualities, UTTIL sets a new standard for sustainable tool manufacturing.


Innovative Features for Enhanced Usability

Specially Formulated PLA: It was developed to be robust enough for professional use while ensuring the composting process remains unaffected by the additives used for development.

3-Level Lock Mechanism: Made from 100% recyclable polyamide (PA), it is designed to handle steel blades precisely, offering unmatched versatility and safety in various applications.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable: Embodying UTTIL's dedication to reducing environmental impact, every component of the PAUK06-AN is thoughtfully considered to be eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Design: Ergonomic and ambidextrous.


A Tool for Today, A Step Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Choosing the PAUK06-AN means opting for a tool that will stand the test of time in durability and environmental ethics. We invite you to join UTTIL in our journey towards more responsible manufacturing and a cleaner planet.


UTTIL Aura Natura PAUK06-AN: Strength Meets Sustainability

The PAUK06-AN is more than just a utility knife; it symbolises UTTIL's innovative approach to sustainable tool production. By integrating advanced materials like our specially developed PLA, we offer an effective, reliable tool and a beacon of eco-friendly design in the hand tool industry.


PAUK06-AN: Crafted for Performance, Designed with the Planet in Mind.

Suitable for Trapezoidal BladeSuitable for Trapezoidal Blade
Suitable for Hook BladeSuitable for Hook Blade
3-Level Lock Mechanism3-Level Lock Mechanism