NMUK09-AN 40% Wood, 60% PP 18 mm Clear TPE Utility Knife

Unveiling the NMUK09-AN: UTTIL's Clear Vision for Sustainability and Precision

UTTIL proudly introduces the NMUK09-AN, a stellar addition to our esteemed Aura Natura collection. It embodies our commitment to sustainable innovation without compromising on the meticulous precision our users demand. The NMUK09-AN is designed for the forward-thinking professional and the environmentally conscious DIY enthusiast who values precision, durability, and ecological responsibility in their tools.


Innovative Sustainability Meets Professional Precision

The NMUK09-AN distinguishes itself with its pioneering use of a transparent TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) sleeve, enhancing the utility knife's grip and safety without relying on colourants or fillers. This transparent approach signifies UTTIL's commitment to material transparency and reduces unnecessary additives, aligning with our eco-friendly mission. Complementing the transparent TPE, the NMUK09-AN incorporates a composite material of 40% wood fibres and 60% polypropylene (PP), significantly reducing the reliance on purely synthetic materials and advancing UTTIL's dedication to sustainability.


Crafted for Excellence and Ergonomics

Beyond its green credentials, the NMUK09-AN is engineered for an unparalleled user experience. The ergonomic design, highlighted by the clear TPE sleeves, offers a non-slip grip, ensuring accuracy and safety in every cut. The blend of wood fibres and PP contributes to the knife's environmental friendliness, durability, and comfort, making it an indispensable tool for various applications, from intricate craftsmanship to robust construction projects.


Embrace Sustainable Precision

The NMUK09-AN invites you to experience the best of both worlds: a tool that embodies professional-grade precision with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. As a stellar member of the Aura Natura collection, it stands as a testament to UTTIL's innovative approach to eco-friendly tool design.


UTTIL Aura Natura NMUK09-AN: Transparently Crafted, Clearly Superior

The NMUK09-AN is not just a utility knife; it's a declaration of UTTIL's promise to pave the way for sustainable tool manufacturing. By choosing the NMUK09-AN, you're equipping yourself with a top-tier tool and contributing to a greener planet.


NMUK09-AN: The Clean Cut.

Black Coated or GalvanizedBlack Coated or Galvanized
18mm Snap-Off18mm Snap-Off
40% Wood + 60% PP and Clear TPE40% Wood + 60% PP and Clear TPE