NMUK05-AN 40% Wood, 60% PP 18 mm Aluminium Utility Knife

Introducing the NMUK05W: UTTIL's Commitment to Precision and Planet

Embrace a cutting-edge experience with UTTIL's NMUK05-AN, the latest adaptation in our esteemed Aura Natura line. This 18mm utility knife is meticulously designed for those who demand precision in their work while nurturing a deep respect for our planet. The NMUK05-AN is a beacon of UTTIL's dedication to combining professional-grade functionality with environmental stewardship.


Elevating Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship

The NMUK05-AN revolutionizes the utility knife industry by featuring an aluminium body for unmatched durability and handling, coupled with plastic accessories innovatively composed of 40% wood fibres and 60% polypropylene (PP). This sustainable blend significantly diminishes the tool's ecological footprint by leveraging renewable resources and minimizing the use of traditional plastics.


Designed for Durability and Comfort

Beyond its eco-conscious composition, the NMUK05-AN excels in ergonomic design and utility. Its aluminium body ensures a lightweight yet sturdy tool that professionals in various fields can rely on for precise cuts. Incorporating wood fibres into the plastic accessories reduces environmental impact and offers a unique, tactile grip for enhanced control and comfort.


A Sustainable Choice for Professionals

Now more than ever, choosing tools that align with eco-friendly values is crucial. The NMUK05-AN invites professionals and enthusiasts to make a sustainable choice without compromising quality or performance. Presented as part of the Aura Natura series, this utility knife is not just a tool but a statement about the future of our planet.


UTTIL Aura Natura NMUK05-AN: A Cut Above in Sustainability

The NMUK05-AN is a testament to UTTIL's vision of harmonizing high-quality craftsmanship with ecological responsibility. This utility knife embodies our pledge to innovate for the earth, serving as an indispensable tool for your projects and a choice for a greener future.


NMUK05-AN: Crafted for Precision, Designed for the Planet.

Black CoatedBlack Coated
18mm Snap-Off18mm Snap-Off
40% Wood + 60% PP40% Wood + 60% PP