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Medium Duty Box Cutter


UTTIL PAUK06 - Where Versatility Meets Ergonomics



Introducing the UTTIL PAUK06, a versatile utility knife that takes your cutting to the next level. The PAUK06 is built for light and heavy-duty work. This impressive tool boasts features such as a 3-level locking mechanism and advanced ergonomic design, all in a highly durable, 100% recyclable screwless body. This is no ordinary utility knife but a revolution in precision and efficiency.


Target Audience

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a construction professional, the PAUK06 knife is designed to meet all your cutting needs. It's the perfect tool with high performance, durability, and comfort features.


Key Features

3-Level Lock Mechanism: Allows adjustable blade depths, increasing cutting safety and versatility.

Advanced Ergonomic Design: Designed to transfer force efficiently from the blade to the user's arm, ensuring safe control and maximum power during usage.

High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) Body: Offers the surprising capability for heavy-duty work in a plastic frame.

Glass-Reinforced PA66 Blade Housing: The blade housing of the PAUK06 offers durability and ensures the proper functioning of the locking mechanism. This part also plays a vital role in directing the load on the blade tip through the knife body to your arm.

Screwless Body: To change blades without additional tools, you can easily separate the housing into two parts with the help of a single, cleverly planned button and quickly put it back together again.

Ambidextrous Design: Optimized for use with either hand, making it versatile and user-friendly.


Customer Reviews

Most of our clients are surprised when they find out such a light plastic body can handle a heavy-duty workload. All our users complement this model's body structure, ergonomics and ease of changing its blade.


Quality Assurance

Our glass-reinforced PA66 and HIPS materials ensure a durable and long-lasting product. We adhere to stringent quality checks to ensure that each unit meets our high standards.



Standard warranty policies apply to the UTTIL PAUK06. For additional details, please refer to the product manual.



Be cautious when using PAUK06 in environments with chemicals that can melt plastic. Follow the general safety measures of retracting the blade when not in use.



Our PAUK06 is an OEM product obtained through wholesalers, distributors, and construction markets in Turkey and Europe. Keep an eye out for the retail launch of our UTTIL brand.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The UTTIL PAUK06 is a robust, versatile, and ergonomic utility knife. Its low price and high performance offer an incredible price-to-performance ratio unmatched in its class.


Product Specifications

Weight: 42gLength: 159 mmWidth: 35 mmThickness: 20 mm

Revolution in precision and efficiency.

Screwless JointScrewless Joint
Suitable for Trapezoid BladeSuitable for Trapezoid Blade
Suitable for Hook BladeSuitable for Hook Blade
42 gm42 gm
3 Levels Lock3 Levels Lock
0.6 mm, Double Angle Edge0.6 mm, Double Angle Edge
Plastic BodyPlastic Body
Plastic MechanismPlastic Mechanism