Heavy Duty Box Cutter


Discover the ERUK06: UTTIL's Pinnacle of Safety and Efficiency in Utility Knives

The ERUK06, UTTIL's latest innovation, is a testament to our commitment to safety and efficiency in utility knives. Building upon the firm foundation of the ELUK06, the ERUK06 introduces an essential feature for high-risk environments: an auto-retract mechanism. This addition makes it an indispensable tool for professionals, especially in warehouses.


Target Audience

Designed for professionals who prioritize safety, especially in fast-paced environments like warehouses, the ERUK06 is ideal for tasks that require constant vigilance and risk mitigation, such as unpacking and heavy-duty cutting.


Key Features

·        Auto-Retract Mechanism: Ensures the blade retracts automatically after cutting, significantly reducing accident risks.

·        Robust Material: Like its counterpart, the ERUK06 is made from 100% recycled and recyclable aluminium alloy, compliant with REACH and ROHS standards.

·        Sustainable and Safe: The handle is electrostatically coated for increased durability and easy cleaning and is made from environmentally friendly materials.

·        Ergonomic Design: Suitable for both right and left-handed users, it offers a comfortable grip for all.


Quality Assurance

Every ERUK06 undergoes stringent quality checks, ensuring it upholds UTTIL's safety, durability, and efficiency standards.


The ERUK06 comes with UTTIL's standard warranty, covering manufacturing defects to give you peace of mind.


Despite its safety features, extra caution is recommended when handling the ERUK06. Always ensure the auto-retract mechanism functions correctly and use the knife as intended.


The ERUK06 is available as an OEM product through UTTIL’s distribution network and selected retail partners. Please follow us for our branded product release.


The ERUK06 is more than a utility knife; it's a commitment to safety and efficiency. Its innovative design addresses the needs of modern professionals, making it a crucial tool in high-risk environments.


·        Weight: 84g

·        Length: 152mm

·        Width: 35mm

·        Thickness: 18mm


UTTIL ERUK06: Where Safety Meets Functionality.

Embrace the ERUK06's unparalleled safety features and join UTTIL in setting new standards for responsible and efficient utility knives.

Cable NotchCable Notch
Suitable for Trapezoid BladeSuitable for Trapezoid Blade
80 gm80 gm
Spring LoadedSpring Loaded
0.6 mm, Double Angle Edge0.6 mm, Double Angle Edge
Suitable for Hook BladeSuitable for Hook Blade
Aluminum BodyAluminum Body
Plastic MechanismPlastic Mechanism