aluk-06-heavy-duty-box-cutter, utility knife model
aluk-06-heavy-duty-box-cutter-utility knife
aluk-06-heavy-duty-box-cutter, utility knife model

Heavy Duty Quick Blade Release Pro Box Cutter


The ALUK06 is one of our heavy-duty second generation products. We are proud to share that this original design is a product of pure engineering focusing on reliability and durability. This particular model comes with our quick-release function to allow for easy blade exchange. As a company, we are continuously looking to improve our designs. Thanks to its utilitarian design approach, this model is both durable and fun to work with. We are able to offer it in a quality that is representative of our brand. Lastly, please recycle all plastic and metal products properly.

Quick Blade Release ButtonQuick Blade Release Button
Cable NotchCable Notch
Dual Spare CompartmenDual Spare Compartmen
Suitable for Trapezoid BladeSuitable for Trapezoid Blade
90 gm90 gm
Push LockPush Lock
0.6 mm Double Angle0.6 mm Double Angle
Aluminum BodyAluminum Body
Accessories PlasticAccessories Plastic
Mechanism PlasticMechanism Plastic